Accelerating Projects for On-time On-budget Completion

IQE delivers cost-effective, highest quality services in desk expediting, field expediting and full-time monitoring / project coverage to reassure customers that the resources essential to projects do not impact deadlines and thereby project costs.

Our team of experts placed globally enables successful project completion through professional expediting resources that ensure that project deadlines and schedules, which are being calculated with less scope for delay, are maintained on time and within budgets.

Our state of the art expediting process and technology helps customers avoid additional costs to the project through timely delivery. Our talented and highly qualified experts identify potential bugs and lags in the project and put in place preventive measures.

Industry Experience

We have extensive Industrial experience in Expediting for several leading clients in gthe following sectors:

  • Power & Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Gas (Refining, Storage, Pipeline)
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Process Industries & Infrastructure including ports
  • Other (Cement, Pulp & Paper, Telecom

Service Expertise

  • Field expediting
  • Follow up with suppliers for submission of drawings, quality plans, delivery schedules etc
  • Timely updates & Highlighting constraints in critical areas to the customers through reports, supported by digital images.

Expediting Activities

  • Comprehensive Expediting Services, ranging from expediting, and vendor visits, to full- time monitoring and project coverage
  • Continuous submission of drawings, quality plans, delivery schedules.
  • Highlight constraints, hurdles and critical areas through reports, digital images.
  • Providing solutions to overcome constraints/ hurdles etc.
  • Timely updates on order/equipment status through reports, digital images.
  • Services at vendor facilities during manufacturing.