Inspection & Audits

Assuring the Highest Standards of Quality & Efficiency

Ideal Quality Engineers (India) provides highly experienced, qualified, thoroughly-vetted technical experts from around the world, for all types of third-party inspections and audits. We ensure that our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts from around the world provides highest quality cost-effective on-time Vendor/Personnel Inspections and Audits.

Our value-added approach ensures that the customer facilities, equipment, products, services, and personnel, are compliant with quality, health and safety, environmental regulations. Globally, we conduct inspections and audits through state-of-the-art stringent processes that help minimize risks and any financial impact thereon, and ultimately grant certifications.

The extensive global pool of highly-qualified and talented experts at IQE offer a detailed and meticulous approach, utilize state-of-the-art processes and technology, and provide exceptional levels of customer support.

Industry Experience

We have extensive Industrial experience in Inspections & Audits and worked with several leading companies in the following sectors:

  • Power & Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Gas (Refining, Storage, Pipeline)
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Process Industries & Infrastructure including ports

Service Expertise

  • Vendor Inspection
  • Pre-Inspection Meetings(PIM)
  • Spot witness Sampling Inspections
  • Final Inspections
  • Vendor/Shop Audits
  • FAT witness.
  • Data documentation reviews.

Stringent Process

We screen field personnel thoroughly, through stringent HR practices and policies, to vet and validate their qualifications and core competency

Our stringent inspectors perform inspection activities in field, to verify that products, services and personnel conform to the relevant codes, standards and certifications, through pre-inspection meetings,regular periodic visits / reports, witness & hold-points and final inspection.